What residents of Cowley County, Kansas speculated as a cloaked UFO actually turned out to be a commonplace military drone, according to reports.  

Last week, residents were riled up when some captured video of the military towing the concealed UFO on a flatbed truck down US Highway 77. The structure of the object gave it a saucer-like appearance similar to the theoretical alien spaceship. Additionally, the object was 30 feet wide, so large that local law enforcement had to take down roadside signage just so the truck could pass through.

However, local sheriff Don Read, although he wasn't allowed to speak about the craft a whole lot, revealed to Life's Little Mysteries that the tarp covering the object was in fact covering a flying object, not an alien, unidentified one, but rather an Earth-manufactured one-specifically manufactured by the aerospace company Northrop Grumman.

After Read's disclosure, Northrop Grumman senior manager of public relations Brooks McKinney revealed the final pieces to the puzzle, telling Life's Little Mysteries that the UFO is an X-47B unmanned combat drone designed to operate from aircraft carriers. The X-47B has a 62-foot wingspan (just over 30 feet with wings folded); is 40 feet long; and stands about 10 feet high on three wheels.

The X-47B in the video was headed to a Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, according to Yahoo News.

We built two for the Navy, they were being tested at Edwards Air Force Base [in California] since March, said McKinney. One is on its way to Maryland, and the other will remain in California.

Clearly people are interested in what's going through town, McKinney added. It's unusual to see a shrink-wrapped aircraft, especially one with that shape.

The reason the X-47B wasn't simply flown across the country?

It's difficult to fly an unmanned drone through commercial airspace, McKinney explained.  

Watch video of some resident reacting to the craft below: