"The X-Files" miniseries is coming to an end Monday night, but fans are hoping for more stories about Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). While nothing has been confirmed about another season, or possibly a third film, the origin stories of Mulder and Scully are going to be told in two novels set to arrive in January 2017. The stories are expected to take fans through the lives of the two FBI agents when they were teenagers in two separate novels under "The X-Files Origins" series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the novels will follow a 15-year-old Scully and a 17-year-old Mulder as they start down their path of becoming FBI agents. Scully's story will be told in a book called "Devil’s Advocate" and Mulder's in "Agent of Chaos." Each novel is expected to give fans insight as to what made the agents believe the way they do on the TV series. Erin Stein, the publisher of Imprint, who acquired the rights to make the books, is a big fan of "The X-Files" and now gets to the opportunity to tell the back story of Mulder and Scully.

"As a die-hard fan of the show, the opportunity to work with incredible authors on original stories about these characters is a dream come true for me. Why did Mulder become a believer? Why did Scully become a skeptic? We get to tell those stories,” Stein explained to EW.

It will be interesting to see if "Agent of Chaos" goes more in depth to the abduction of Mulder's sister, Samantha, which is the major event that sent Mulder on his quest for the truth. His love for his sister and drive to find out what happened to her is a big part of the show and fans just might get to read how the abduction played out. The novel will be written by  Kami Garcia. 

While Mulder has always had an open mind to the unknown, Scully always looked to science and faith for answers. Thriller and horror writer Jonathan Maberry will get to tell the story of how Scully became a skeptic.

While fans can now look forward to learning more about two of their favorite characters in next year's book series, many believe they will soon get to see more from Mulder and Scully on TV or in a movie. Show creator Chris Carter told International Business Times that because the ratings for the miniseries were good, he "can't imagine" there won't be even more future installments of the hit sci-fi show. Carter also has said that he has a third "X-Files" film written as well. Fox entertainment president David Madden feels the same way Carter does about "The X-Files" and he told Variety he'd "love" for there to be more episodes in the future.  

"The X-Files" miniseries concludes Monday on Fox at 8 p.m. EST. "The X-Files Origins" series novels hit book shelves everywhere in January 2017.