Microsoft executive Larry Hryb endorsed a 3D rendering of the upcoming Xbox One gaming console on his Twitter account.


Here's a front shot of the 3D rendering of the Xbox One that Hryb is referring to, which can be found here on Sketchfab.


Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? When we spun the image around to take a look at the back, here's what we found.


Well, what do have we here? A pair of HDMI outs coupled with two USB ports. We also found another USB port on the left side of the 3D rendering.


So according to this artists' rendering, the Xbox One could ship with a total of three USB ports and a pair of HDMI ports. That's means that the Xbox One could have two less USB ports than the Xbox 360 S, which has five USB connectors, though the amount of HDMI connections would be doubled from one to two. Considering that a Microsoft executive endorsed the rendering on his official Twitter account, this signifies that the artists' rendering of the Xbox One could indeed be accurate. If that's the case, we think that a trio of USB ports would be too little. If you wanted to connect one wired peripheral, one external USB hard drive and a wireless router, you would already be out of ports. That's just wouldn't be cutting it, especially considering that Microsoft wants to be the centerpiece of living rooms everywhere.

What do you think of this 3D rendering of the Xbox One? Would you be fine with three USB ports? Do you think that would be enough? Would HDMI ports be sufficient for you? Sound off in the comments below.