Rumors of a $399 Xbox One without an optical drive aren’t true, says Microsoft. The company recently responded when hints of a reduced-priced Xbox One appeared on NeoGAF Jan. 29.

"No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet," Microsoft Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group Aaron Greenberg tweeted on Jan. 31 when asked about the $399 price reduction.

The rumor thread, which gaming site Kotaku traced back to Microsoft, made several allegations about the Xbox One. The creator, who chose to remain anonymous, identified himself as ntkrnl and posted the following information:

“Quantum Break” coming this holiday season

Multiplayer confirmed for “Halo 2”

“Sunset Overdrive” coming this fall

“Fable Legends” coming summer 2015

Next “Gears of War” will take 2.5 years to develop

First “Titanfall” DLC will launch 45 days after game’s release on March 11, second DLC will be available 120 days after March 11

No “Crackdown 3” will hit shelves this year, but will probably launch in 2016

$399 Xbox One will launch this year without an optical disc drive

Though a white Xbox One hasn’t been made available to the public yet, the special edition was sold during an online auction that benefited the Wounded Warrior Project last November. Are the rest of the rumors true? Only time will tell, but Microsoft usually keeps pretty tight-lipped about its upcoming projects.

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