The Las Vegas Company Xcellink International has been gaining momentum in the patent mobile payments and banking platform business. While their aggressive business approach and unique technologies have been catching the attention of investors, the young company took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that it has been awarded Patent # ZL 97197543.4 in China.

The patent will be entitled ‘Automated Electronic Funds Transfer System and Method’ and will cover automated data interchange to achieve transactions between customers and merchants over wireless links.

One of the key aspects of being awarded this patent is that China is the world’s biggest market which tops 600 million users. China has been embracing technology at a speed of light pace and with over 5,000,000 new mobile devices being added to the network each month, the country is the perfect setting for Xcellink’s state-of-the-art technology.

When asked about what this patent will mean to the future of Xcellink, a company spokesperson was quoted as saying, “This patent is one of several that were recently transferred to Xcellink as part of a worldwide exclusive license. China is potentially one of the main markets for our technology. Xcellink’s cost-effective, convenient and secure payment solution has the potential to revolutionize the payments industry across the globe, including China.”

Currently, Xcellink is trading in the $0.56 range and has continually produced positive news. With the company branching out into the ever evolving market of China, Xcellink may be the over-the-counter gem that every investor dreams of showcasing in their portfolio.