Xcellink International Inc. is a developer of patented mobile payments and banking platforms. The company’s unique process enables customers, rather than the merchants, to initiate, control and pay for all transactions without the need for any type of cards (credit, debit, etc.) in real-time anywhere, anytime and at a fraction of the cost of current transactions.

The company announced today that it has executed an agreement with 3i Infotech for the development and integration of its patented software with Apple’s iPhone technology. Xcellink is excited with this agreement because of the chance to work with a subsidiary of 3i Infotech – the Regulus Group. Regulus provides statement and bill presentment services to clients in the financial services, health care, insurance and utilities industries. They are also one of North America’s largest payment processors, handling about 2 billion paper and electronic transactions each year.

Work for Xcellink will be carried out by 3i Infotech’s development team. It is expected that the new technology will be ready for testing in early January 2010. After the testing has been completed on the iPhone, the next step will be software development and integration for Research in Motion’s Blackberry software and also for Nokia smartphones.

When all of this is completed, it will open up quite a large market for Xcellink. There are more than 40 million worldwide users of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform and over 25 million Blackberry subscribers. And Nokia – the world’s largest smartphone maker – controlled 45 percent of the market in the second quarter of 2009. Xcellink’s goal is to have the majority of smartphone technologies integrated with their patented software, and to roll out these products as soon as possible.