Xcellink International Inc. is a Las Vegas Company that has the potential to develop into a major player in the next generation of customer payment systems. In an industry that has the potential to be worth billions, Xcellink is becoming known for their state-of-the-art technology which is led by a patented system that has the potential and capabilities to replace all credit, debit, charge and smart cards.

Xcellink is poised for a global presence with the announcement that it will issue patents in Australia and New Zealand which will be entitled ‘Automated Electronic Funds Transfer System and Method’ and will cover the automated data interchange to achieve transactions between customers and merchants over local wired or wireless links.

These patents will provide Xcellink the opportunity to dominate in the 21st Century E-Commerce business structure and will give the young company uniform patent protection across the whole territory of Australasia.

A company spokesperson spoke of the lasting effect of these patents, “With mobile coverage to 98% of Australia’s 21 million people and a history of very early introduction of new technology, we are confident our technologies will be well received there. And with the mobile phone being a fashion statement with an average life of only 1 to 2 years, this is an exceptional opportunity to build Xcellink capability into mobile communications.”

Currently, Xcellink is trading in the $0.67 range and has shown strong movement of late. The company continues to post positive news, and with the hands of their business extending globally, Xcellink has the potential to be an excellent investment within our borders and across the world.

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