XELR8 Holdings, Inc., a provider of nutritional foods and beverages designed to help enhance physical health and overall performance, recently announced its corporate name change to Bazi International, Inc. since the name BAZI® has long been affiliated with the company as its principal product offering.

The company’s common stock will remain listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the current symbol XELR until new a symbol is assigned by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Once a new trading symbol is assigned, the company will make a public announcement along with the trading symbol’s effective date. The name change was completed via a short-form merger that was undertaken on July 28, 2010 between the company and a newly formed, wholly-owned Nevada subsidiary of the company, Bazi International, Inc.

Kevin C. Sherman, president and chief executive officer of Bazi International, stated, “We are pleased to have completed our corporate name change to Bazi International, Inc. and believe that this new name properly reflects our primary business operations and focus on BAZI® as our principal product.” Mr. Sherman continued, “We look forward to sharing future corporate developments with our shareholders.”

For more information about BAZI®, please visit www.drinkbazi.com.