XenaCare Holdings Inc., a company specializing in consumer healthcare products, announced today that it received the exclusive license to market and distribute a cellular cleanse and detoxification product designed to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. This product improves nutrient absorption, supports immune system function and reduces symptoms of allergies. Research also indicates that the product’s ingredients may help reduce viral replication and support healthy blood sugar levels.

“Over the last few years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the significant health issues associated with environmental toxins,” commented Frank Rizzo, President of XenaCare Holdings. “We believe that our product provides an effective solution for reducing these health conditions and we are optimistic that it will quickly become a leading product in the market.”

With current estimates at over $4 billion annually, the detoxification market is one of the fastest growing nutritional markets in the United States. Many detoxification products include digestive cleansers acting similarly to laxatives, but XenaCare’s new product is unique in its ability to detoxify the entire body – not just the digestive system.

XenaCare also announced that is has launched the SunPill, a dietary supplement that helps the protect skin from harmful UV rays. The SunPill is currently available at RiteAid, CVS.com Drugstore.com and Amazon.com. Additionally, the company is preparing to release a skin care product called Pro Dermex for healthier skin and reduction of skin damage caused by the Sun, designed for use in dermotologist offices. The product will be actively marketed to the 16,000 practicing dermatologists in the U.S.