XO Communications, a subsidiary of XO Holdings Inc., is a nationwide provider of advanced communications services and solutions. The company’s customers include more than half of the Fortune 500. To bolster its international reach, the company today launched its International Customer Referral Program.

The program facilitates overseas telecommunications companies contracting with XO, providing carrier customers with access to the full line of XO Carrier Services products and services in the U.S.

“XO is aggressively seeking to expand its presence in Asia, Europe and South and Central America,” Ernie Ortega, president of XO Carrier Services stated in the press release. “Our International Customer Referral Program allows us easier access to overseas telecom companies, thereby expanding international awareness of XO services. Conversely, our referral customers will enjoy access to the robust XO product portfolio of U.S. network service offerings that they can now seamlessly provide to their customers.”

XO’s aggressive strategy is paying off; the company said it has already secured its first international customer referral agreement with CAST International Ltd., an international business consulting firm based in Hong Kong. The way the program works, CAST can now refer international carriers looking for U.S. expansion to XO’s services.

XO’s customer referral program leverages the company’s strategy to enhance its position in the global market, opening the door to offer its service areas and offerings within existing XO markets, and to expand into new U.S. territories.

By strengthening its existing relationships, like that with CAST, who has worked with XO in the past, the company is in a good position to achieve its goals.

“By working with XO, CAST is better positioned than many of its peers to offer its Asia-based carrier customers access to high-quality network services both here and abroad,” Joseph Tse, senior managing partner of CAST stated. “XO’s large U.S. presence and track record of first-class customer service and product offerings assures us that our customers will receive the best service possible.”