XO Communications, subsidiary of XO Holdings, Inc., today announced that it has deployed 10 Gbps wavelength services for ACTIV Financial, a leading global provider of fully managed low latency market data solutions.

XO’s network solutions offer speeds up to 40Gpbs, allowing fast access to information and transactions. XO’s solution connects ACTIV’s data centers in Chicago and New York and provides them with low latency, high-capacity network infrastructure needed for the delivery of large volumes of market data to its customers around the world.

With more than 350 customers worldwide, more than 130 feed handlers, and nearly 20 data centers scattered across five continents, ACTIV requires a solid communication network to maintain efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

“ACTIV is known for providing the low latency, high-quality and cost effective global market data solutions companies require to meet their most complex global data and trading requirements,” Frank Piasecki, co-founder and president of ACTIV Financial stated in the press release. “Partnering with XO Communications will enable us to augment our services and seamlessly connect these data centers at the fastest speeds possible to support our long-term networking needs and continued growth.”

Mike Toplisek, chief marketing officer for XO Business Services at XO, said the partnership reflects XO’s foothold in the communications industry.

“We’re proud to be a partner for ACTIV Financial,” Toplisek said. “Our partnership with ACTIV Financial is indicative of XO’s dedication to providing tailored solutions to the financial services industry, a market segment that we believe we are uniquely positioned to support.”

For more information, visit www.xo.com