XO Communications, Inc. is a young company that has started to distinguish themselves as one of the shining stars of their parent corporation XO Holdings. In a short period of time, XO Communications has evolved into a leading nationwide provider of advanced communications services and solutions for every type of need. Today, XO Communications announced that they have expanded their international reach to Latin America.

In an attempt to become a global power and increase their international network connectivity to Latin America, XO established a new gateway on the U.S.-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas as well as expanded its fiber network in Southern Texas by 800 miles.

This move to increase their connectivity will expand both domestic and international customer access and allow the young company to have a strong presence in the largest U.S.-Mexico cross-border telecom corridor which could greatly increase their revenue stream.

Mexico represents the third-largest destination for telecom traffic from the U.S. with an IP market that totals nearly $1 billion annually. The International gateway in McAllen represents XO’s fourth to Latin America with others in San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami.

When asked about the expansion of XO, Don MacNeil who serves as the Vice-President of XO Carrier Services Operations was quoted as saying, “With double-digit growth in mobile and broadband services in Mexico, the Texas-Mexico border is a natural point for XO’s network expansion. By expanding the reach of our nationwide network and establishing points of presence across Southern Texas, XO will be able to offer carriers and their customers competitively-priced, high-speed private line (DS3-10G wave), IP/MPLS transit, and wholesale voice termination services.”

Currently, XO Holdings, the parent company of XO Communications, is trading in the $0.64 range. With an expansion of their international reach and a strong business plan in place, it may only be a matter of time before XO becomes a widely recognized name.

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