One company that has been catching the eyes of investors due to their “Green Technology” is XsunX Inc. XsunX has become a leader in the solar energy field by using its thin-film photovoltaic process knowledge to revolutionize the solar industry by combining state-of-the-art, sophisticated, magnetic media thin-film manufacturing technologies used by the hard disc drive industry with proven thin-film photovoltaic processes.

With this technology in place, XsunX received a Speculative Buy Rating by Beacon Equity Research. In the report, the Beacon analyst writes how XsunX will compete in their field against such powers as Suntech Power Holdings and JA Solar Holdings, which trade on the NYSE and the NASDQ respectively.

The analyst discusses the advancement of XsunX by stating that “XSNX’s new technology may produce a replacement for silicon wafers – roughly 80% of solar panels are silicon-based – at half the cost. The Company’s CIGS wafers could be integrated into solar panels, adapted to a variety of building materials and even used in consumer products.”

Leading the way at XsunX is Tom M. Djokovich who serves as their CEO. Djokovich is a renowned name in his field and provides XsunX with a wealth of experience. The CEO is a veteran manager of publicly held corporations and has successfully attracted tens of millions of dollars in capital investments for business development.

While XsunX is known for being an up-and-coming California company, they have a strong Technology Center in Golden, Colorado and have spread across the United States to capture the magic of their industry.

As stated in the Beacon Equity Research report, XsunX has a target price of $2.90 but the stock is currently trading in the $0.13 range. If XsunX comes close to reaching the expectation predicted by Beacon Equity, this could be the steal of the century and could transform portfolios of savvy investors.

With a strong management team led by Djokovich, a state-of-the-art technology in place and a stellar rating from Beacon Equity Research, XsunX may be shining bright for years to come.

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