XXXX Island: Australian Brewery Leases Island for ‘Mates Trips’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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Popular Australian beer company XXXX has leased a 15-acre island in the Great Barrier Reef, declaring man caves out and man islands in.

Formerly Pumpkin Island, XXXX Island boasts 15 acres of untouched paradise -- but that's about to change.

In the coming months we're going to unleash your creativity, ingenuity, and good old Aussie elbow grease to turn the island into the ultimate destination for mates' trips away, the brewery says on its website.

To promote its Gold brand, XXXX signed a three-year lease on the tiny island off Australia's Capricorn Coast. They're asking fans to help shape the island into an oasis of cool for those who love the good life.

What's the good life? According to XXXX, it's a relaxing few days where you can do as little, or as much, as you want with activities including fishing, touch footy, beach cricket, swimming in the ocean or simply barbecuing the catch of the day with a beer in hand.



Anna McMillan, XXXX Marketing Manager, said the XXXX Island concept was created to inspire Aussies to get together for some mates time.

[They have] really busy lives, often juggling family and work commitments. We wanted to create something larger than life, something that gave Aussies the chance to get away and hang out with their mates.

According to the beer-maker, one in five Australian males has not been away with his mates for 10 years.

We know from our research that guys just love getting away with their mates and genuinely feel better for it, McMillan said. Hopefully XXXX Island will inspire them to do it more often.

Those who want to put themselves and three friends in the running for a free trip, valued at $10,000, can submit their ideas via the XXXX Island website. The top ideas so far include: a one-hole golf course with a floating green on an anchored boat with biodegradable balls, a bar built over the water with a hole in the floor to drop a fishing line, a Swiss Family Robinson-style tree house compound, and a microbrewery.

There's a coterie of ambassadors signed on to help XXXX create the ultimate mancation destination once the brewery unveils the winning ideas. The team includes some of Australia's best known sporting stars and personalities like television and radio personalities Jules Lund and Gus Worland, Better Homes and Gardens DIY expert Rob Palmer, former Aussie cricketer and current coach of the Queensland Bulls Darren 'Boof' Lehmann, and fishing fanatic and former League star Andrew ET Ettingshausen.



South Africans John and Sonja Rumble purchased this slice of paradise for Aus$1.3 million in 2003. Last month, XXXX leased the soon-to-be ultimate destination for mates. The property can accommodate up to 30 people across its five cottages and is scheduled to open in October.

When the lease runs up, the beer company promises to return the island in the same -- if not better -- condition. All construction will be environmentally-friendly, damaging water sports will not allowed, and staff will be trained in standard Australian Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines. Naturally, the sponsor's brew will be the only one served on the island.

Though the island is unmistakably geared toward male clientele, XXXX says mates can be men or women. All visitors, however, must be over 18.

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