Internet search giant Yahoo Inc. is creating an electronic time-capsule - comprising electronic data submitted from internet users - which the company will use to commemorate the year of 2006.

On Tuesday, the online search provider announced that it will begin collecting personal photos, stories, thoughts, ideas, poems, home movies and art from internet users around the world, building the first ever electronic anthology.

Wherever people use Yahoo! - from Mexico, Germany or China to the U.S. - we want them to represent their culture and show us what's important to them by participating in this historic Internet time capsule event, Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, said. It will be fascinating to see what people submit as their part of this 2006 snapshot, which will be shared with generations to come.

The company is planning to showcase select items from the time-capsule by projecting submissions onto The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico from October 25-27, 2006. The company will also beam the material into space.

Following the screening, time capsule content will be saved to a digital archive and sealed, to be opened at the firm's headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. in the year 2020.