Looks like Google won’t be the only titan with a video streaming and storage site. Yahoo is looking to host its own creative video portal, and be a direct competitor to Google’s YouTube. The plan to do this, however, does begin with YouTube - instead of launching an open site, where any user can upload videos as they like, Yahoo’s plan is to convince current big-name YouTubers to jump ship.

To accomplish this, Yahoo has reportedly promised high-profile content producers higher and steadier revenue for their videos if they bring their talents to Yahoo’s proposed site. Currently, Youtube claims about half of all ad revenue made on videos for itself, but its metrics are rather inconsistent.

Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, has promised that producers would not only get a more consistent piece of the action, but a larger one as well. Mayer has promised that content producers’ videos would be directly advertised on Yahoo’s well-trafficked home page. This, Mayer argues, would help drive views to the videos, and thus drive more revenue.