Most video game fans are familiar with Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and his hilarious work on the Web series “Zero Punctuation” for the Escapist. Now however, the popular self-loathing critic has released a mobile game called “Hatfall” for Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The $1.99 game is based on the critic’s odd humor, which has entertained many a fan.

The premise is simple: Yahtzee has lost his hat, so now the white character in the yellow background must catch every hat he can that falls from the sky. Players will control the Australian-based Briton as he moves left and right to collect hats while also attempting to avoid obstacles.

It’s not that simple, however: The game also has some random elements that seem to pop out of nowhere. According to Pocket Gamer, the character might encounter a wizard for no reason, start hunting for food, or take part in a hat dating simulator. These random gameplay moments seem to be activated based on the hats that Yahtzee catches.

According to Touch Arcade, getting the wizard hat will not only mean encountering the wizard himself, but will also place Yahtzee in an incredibly difficult hat-catching level.

Yahtzee will release the game with the help of Addicting Games and Defy Media, two companies that helped make and publish the title. Previously, Yahtzee made a number of point-and-click adventure games that he has mentioned numerous times in his videos. These games can be played on Croshaw’s website Fully Ramblomatic.

The game is a mobile experience that fans of Yahtzee will surely appreciate. “Hatfall” is available now for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices, so anyone who has ever wanted to play as the famous game critic or even play a hat dating simulator can pick up this title right now.

Play Yahtzee's New Game Hatfall Now! (Credit: YouTube/The Escapist)