As Apple Inc. was looking forward to create Guinness Record for the huge sell of its newly launched iPhone 4S, the first blow has come for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Many users who bought their iPhone 4S are facing a screen-related problem with the new device. According to them, the screen displays a yellowish tint, which never found with iPhone 4.

Many of them have gone to Apple's official Web site and posted their dissatisfactory remarks while some of them dubbed the problem as yellowgate.

Got a new iPhone 4S this morning, and when I put it next to my old iPhone 4 I discovered the screen was much 'nicer' on the old iPhone. When I say nicer, it's kind of got a really yellow tint to the screen on the 4S, whites are where you notice it the most for example the email looks far nicer on the iPhone 4 screen. All other colors look quite washed out. Anyone else got this problem? an iPhone 4S owner with username Snowglider posted in the forum.

Another user Bumper Man posted, Yes. Compared with my old iPhone 4, the 4S screen is washed out with a yellow tint. I'm not happy.

Many people are linking the problem with the glue used to put the screens together. As the glue must have not dried it may be show the yellow tint and as the adhesive gets settled the display will be clear.

Backing the idea, another user, Applegeekva, posted: When I got my iPhone 4 a year ago, it had a yellow tint.  After about 2 weeks, the tint cleared up, and it displayed colors normally.  The issues with the 4S, are most likely the same.  The glue used to put the screens together hasn't fully cured yet.

However, Apple has not commented on any post yet. But the question among the circles owning iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S the debate is set off comparing the screens and display of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.