Yemen's 33-year president Ali Abdullah Saleh was injured in tribal-led attack on the presidential palace today.  

Other senior officials were also wounded in the attack, according to Mohammed al-Basha, a Yemeni government spokesperson located in Washington D.C..

Presidential Palace in Yemen was attacked earlier, senior government officials were injured, no casualties & President was not killed, al-Basha wrote in a tweet.

According to al-Basha's Twitter feed, two projectile missiles hit a mosque in the presidential complex during Jumma, Islam's traditional communal prayers, held once a week Friday afternoon.  

The extent and nature of the president's injuries are still unknown.  Saleh administration representatives are to hold a televised press conference, dispelling rumors that the president died in the attack.

The senior government officials injured in the attack are also unknown, but according to al-Basha, a speaker in the Yemeni parliament was wounded. The missiles killed the mosque's Imam, or Muslim religious leader,  and four guards.