After receiving news about the killing of Al-Qaeda's president Bin Laden, the Japanese currency advanced versus its all major counterparts after the U.S. and Australia economies increased security at their embassies around the world on concern the killing of Osama bin Laden will lead to revenge attacks.

The USD/JPY pair dropped during Monday session after recorded the lowest level at 80.99 and the highest level at 81.86.

Moreover, the US dollar also rebounded against its majors, as Interpol noted that there are about 188 member countries to be on full alert following the death of the al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan.


On the other hand, the Australian dollar declined against the greenback, as the expectations noted the RBA will keep the interest rate unchanged steady at their level 4.75% during the month of May. The AUD/USD pair trades around 1.0923 after recorded a low of 1.0920 on Monday session.


The New Zealand dollar extended yesterday's decline against the greenback as the New Zealand economy released its report to show the private-sector wages grew at a slower pace than some economists predicted. Demand for the NZ currency was damped as prices declined for commodities including crude oil and gold.

NZD/USD dropped for a third day in a row, which recorded a low of 0.8039 on Monday session.