The Japanese Yen weakened against the EUR and the Dollar yesterday after a report showed China's manufacturing expanded for a 4th consecutive month, dampening demand for the relative safety of Japan's currency. The JPY fell to 135.80 per EUR and weakened to 96.95 per U.S. Dollar from 96.36. The Yen also fell against 15 of the 16 most-traded currencies after an Australian report showed retail sales climbed for a 3rd month, giving investors more confidence to purchase higher-yielding assets.

Although, the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) June Tankan corporate survey showed on Tuesday that big manufacturers' sentiment pulled back from a record low hit 3 months ago, the improvement was smaller than forecast. The Yen edged down against the Dollar after the news but the market's reaction was subdued overall as investors decided that it offered no surprise.

Analysts said that the market has considered all the positive factors that have come out and is starting to react more to negative factors. The market is lacking clear direction and is likely to stay in an adjustment period for now.