The Yen fell against mot of its major rivals during yesterday's trading session. The Yen dropped about 100 pips against the Dollar, and about 250 pips against the Euro. The Yen also slid 200 pips against the British Pound.

The Yen tumbled yesterday on speculations that the Japanese leadership is looking to weaken the national currency in order to stimulus economic growth. The Japanese press is reporting that the government will pressure the Bank of Japan to take more steps to support the economy. The Japanese economy relies greatly on its exporting, and a weaker Yen will support Japanese exporters. In addition, the current instability in Japanese politics is damaging the Yen's safe-haven image, and as a result the currency seems less appealing in times of uncertainty.

As for today, traders are advised to follow the major publications from the U.S. and the Euro-Zone, as they tend to have a large impact on the Yen. Special attention should be given to the Euro-Zone's Bank Stress Test Results, which appears to be the news even which will have the largest affect ion the market today.