The Dollar is transacted upon it's highest levels in three months against Euro and other major currencies, a mid of predictions that the Federal reserve bank will draw the stimulus plans from markets to increase the signs of recovery of the biggest global economy. On the other side today the American economy will release the final reading for third quarter annual GDP and from expectation it seems to be shows constant development at the rate of 2.8%.

In spite of the weak transactions during the Asian session today due to holidays season, but the Euro still taking the inclining trend in it's transactions against the Dollar, where the transactions stayed at the 1.4290 level after the pair recorded it's lowest level at 1.4274. Still the pair's aim on the short term at 1.4120 level and by reaching the pair this level it will start new scenario.

The British pound wasn't got better opportunities than the Euro, where the decline continues yesterday against the Dollar before it remains around the level of 1.6050 during the Asian session after the it's failure in penetrating the support level 1.6040 which in the case of success penetration may open the way for reaching to the level 1.58 crossing the psychological level 1.6000, while the pair recorded it's highest level at 1.6075 and lowest level at 1.6035.

The Dollar yen pair witnessed activity during the Asian session that it penetrates the resistance level of 91.14 that may open the way for it to reach 93.00, but the weak transaction volumes in the market due to the holiday season may prevent the Dollar Yen pair from reaching this current position, the pair recorded it's highest level at 91.47 and lowest level at 90.99.