The Yen saw a mixed trading day during yesterday's session. The Yen began with bearish trends against both the Dollar and the EUR. However, later on it managed to recover back to previous rates. Against the Pound, the JPY continued to strengthen and the GBP/JPY is currently traded around the 153.40 level.

The Yen recovered due to concerns that financial losses will delay a recovery in the global economy, increasing demand for the Yen as a refuge. Currently, many analysts claim that the outlook for economies around the world is still doubtful. This situation is known to create risk aversion, which leads to the purchase of the Yen.

During late trading, the Japanese Trade Balance report was released, delivering a poor result of 0.19T, lower than the 0.35T expected. The Japanese economy largely relies on its exporting, and thus this result has the potential to halt the Yen's recovery.

As for the day ahead, no imported data is expected from the Japanese economy. Traders are advised to follow the leading publications from the U.S and the Euro-Zone as they are likely to set the tone in today's trading.