The JPY underwent a bullish trend against the major currencies during yesterday's trading. The Yen rose over 150 pips against the EUR, as the pair dropped below the 130.00 level. The Yen also saw rising trends against the Dollar and the Pound. The Yen's bullishness was largely due to a batch of positive data published from the Japanese economy. The Retail Sales figures for August dropped by 1.8%, better than the 2.4% drop expected. The Non-Manufacturing Index which measures the general business condition also delivered a better-than-expected figure.

We can see that the continuing publication of the combination of the positive economic data will continue increasing speculations that the Japanese economy is recovering, boosting the Yen. As for Friday's trading, no significant data is expected from the Japanese economy. Traders should follow the leading publications from the U.S and the Euro-Zone, as they are likely to set the tome for the market today. Special attention should be put on the U.S Payrolls data.