Today, the Japanese currency inclined against its counterpart the greenback to the highest level in more than month as tensions between the North Korea and the South Korean along side concerns for the Ireland's financial crisis to spread to other European countries, pushing investors to buy low-yielding currencies such as the Japanese yen a refuge.

The euro rose slightly against the dollar during today's Asian session, where the pair trades at the level 1.3219, recording a high of 1.3221 and a low of 1.3192. The euro faces the resistance 1.3300 which pushed the pair to decline. The daily and four hours momentum indicators show the pair gives a buying signs.

The British pound inclined against the greenback during the Asian session, while the pair trades around the level 1.5618, recording a high of 1.5619 and a low of 1.5579 and the pair's decline has stopped at the support level 1.5600. A momentum indicator gives a buying signs.

The Japanese yen against the greenback pair declined slightly, where the pair trades around 83.66, recording a high of 83.77 and a low of 83.63. The daily momentum indicators give selling signs.