The Japanese yen rose against the dollar and other majors, as investors started securing their financial positions before the holidays, where the yen inclined during the Asian session as a safe-heaven currency prompting investors to buy other majors as well.

The euro/dollar pair traded in a narrow range during today's Asian session and now the pair trades around 1.3111, recording a high of 1.3121 and a low of 1.3099. The pair now faces a support at 1.3080, where the daily momentum indicators show the pair in an oversold area, while the four hours indicators support the pair's incline.

The British pound/dollar pair inclined during the Asian session, trading around 1.5419, recording a high of 1.5422 and a low of 1.5394. The pair now faces a resistance at 1.5460 then at 1.5500. The daily and four hours momentum indicators support the pair's incline since it reached an oversold area.

The dollar/yen pair declined sharply today, while the pair trades around the level 83.16, recording a low of 83.05 and a low of 83.56. The pair faces a support at 82.80; meanwhile momentum indicators show the pair in an overbought area, which favors a downside movement.