YesDTC Holdings Inc., a direct-to-consumer marketer and global distributor of consumer goods and products, is launching its Alex Trebek-sponsored WordSmart product into the flourishing Chinese market.

The company said it is currently working on a specialized version of its WordSmart English language and vocabulary building software program designed specifically for Chinese students looking to improve their English skills to prepare them for admittance into U.S. universities.

According to the company, about 1 million students take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) each year to demonstrate their English language proficiency at the university level. The exam evaluates a student’s reading, speaking, listening and writing skills to help them gain entrance into the more than 7,500 colleges, agencies and other institutions in 130 countries that accept TOEFL scores as part of their candidate evaluation process.

“The WordSmart product is already a terrific way to prepare for the TOEFL, but we plan to make it an even more effective tool. We are currently in process of translating the background and instructional materials into Chinese and we will be enhancing the product to include new sections on English idioms, pronunciation and writing skills,” Joseph Noel, CEO of YesDTC stated in the press release.

Noel said that in recent years, the number of Chinese students taking the TOEFL has grown by more than 30 percent. In response to the growing number of testing, the company will release its first section through the YesDTC Asia division. Noel also noted significant increases in TOEFL testing in Korea, Japan and India, giving the company an opportunity in other markets.

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