Baby boomers are seeing good deals and

purchasing retirement properties, according to a survey of Coldwell

Banker real estate professionals.

More than 50 percent of Coldwell Banker

practitioners, who work in popular retirement havens, report increased

interest and home purchases from retirees and near-retirees ages 60 and


“Over the past couple of years, home prices

have declined significantly in the majority of markets with traditional

appeal to retirees,” said Jim Gillespie, president and CEO of Coldwell

Banker Real Estate LLC. “Younger retirees are taking advantage of these

desirable prices and turning the economic downturn into an opportunity.”

Other results of the online survey conducted in March include:

  • 53 percent of Coldwell

    Banker associates have observed an increase in retirees who plan to

    downsize from their primary residences into smaller properties.

  • 37 percent are seeing

    an increased number of retirees who own more than one property sell

    their primary residences to move to their secondary homes.

  • 23 percent are seeing

    more people buy different homes for retirement, or move into their

    previously purchased retirement properties earlier than expected.

Source: Coldwell Banker (04/14/2009)