Negative body image is an epidemic--plain and simple.

The psychology of weight and perception of ideal has always fascinated me and continues to evolve, for better or for worse.

Obviously, women have different perceptions of what constitutes ideal, and there is an equally disparate range of what women are happy with.

I hope then that you'll be able to satisfy my morbid curiosity and answer the following questions based on the photos below.

In your brutally honest opinion:
Do you find any of these ladies too fat?
Do you find any of them too skinny?
Do you find any of them too muscular?
Do you feel they all look great?

And finally...
If you had to choose one of these body types, what would be your ideal?

Opinions welcome from both sexes (I intend to have a follow-up post for guys).

I feel I must throw in a disclaimer: This isn't about striving to be, or look like, someone else so much as it is about sampling different opinions and finding commonalities. If you don't pay attention to others and how they look you are to be commended.

From left to right: Kate Winslet heavier, Kate Winslet lighter, Serena Williams, Kate Bosworth, Renee Zelwegger normal, Renee Zelwegger as Bridget Jones, Kelly Clarkson, Pauline Nordin, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Dara Torres, Cate Blanchett, Jillian Michaels.