Syfy’s “Z Nation” hasn’t exactly been a show that’s known for its serious portrayal of the zombie apocalypse, but it looks like Season 2, episode 9 is going to go a little off the rails with the potential introduction of alien zombies. That’s right, Operation Bite Mark finds itself in Roswell, New Mexico, in "Rozwell" and it looks like they won’t be making it through the state without a close encounter side tracking their mission.

According to the episode’s official TV Guide plot synopsis, the gang is making their usual trek through a country of undead monsters out for their brains when things get a little ridiculous.

“Mysterious things happen during a drive through RoZwell, N.M., where the team encounters bright lights in the sky and a beautiful but spacy woman who leads them on an adventure in search of zombie aliens," reads the summary.

While “zombie aliens” sounds like a shark-jumping introduction into the mythos of any show, it’s worth remembering that “Z Nation” has already introduced a litany of hybrid zombies that were featured prominently in last week’s episode. During its exhausting mission to bring Murphy (Keith Allan) to the CDC center in California, Operation Bite Mark has battled super-fast zombies, radioactive zombies, plant zombies and whatever one would call people like Cassandra (Pisay Pao). With the show resting on the idea that some kind of virus is morphing humans into zombies, it wouldn’t necessarily be the biggest suspension of disbelief to acknowledge that aliens might also be a thing. Still, it seems a little far-fetched, even for “Z Nation.”

Odds are good that the lights in the sky and alleged abductions are a perfectly explainable thing, right? Unfortunately, in a preview clip for the episode, everything looks suspiciously real. The teaser features a woman on a long stretch of desert road trying to outrun a zombie when she’s saved by, you guessed it, a miraculous tractor beam-style light in the sky that holds the Z in place before somehow slicing it into a mess of body parts. The light then turns on the woman, who is somehow gone when Operation Bite Mark rides up several minutes later and notices only the dismembered zombie. 10K (Nat Zang) puts a bullet in its head and reveals his updated kill count of 4,235/10,000.

With what’s left of Operation Bite Mark making it all the way to Arizona, it looks like they’ll have to add UFOs to their list of enemies, which already includes zombies, a cartel known as the Zeros and mercenaries out to capture Murphy. Those curious to see how it all plays out will need to tune into Syfy’s “Z Nation” Season 2, episode 9 on Friday, Nov. 6, at 10 p.m. EST.