ZAGG Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes electronics accessories, such as protective clear coverings, targeting the mobile market. The company today announced it has received approval to begin trading on The Nasdaq Global Market November 10, 2009, under its current ticker, ZAGG.

“We are very excited to be approved for the Nasdaq Global Market, and see it as an exceptional milestone in ZAGG’s short history,” Robert G. Pedersen II, president and CEO of ZAGG stated in the press release. “Moving to the top level market on Nasdaq will add a great deal of value for our shareholders and introduce ZAGG to new investors and new opportunities.”

Not only will the advancement to Nasdaq generate shareholder benefit, it will also increase awareness of the company’s products to the marketplace. The company’s high-tech thin film coverings are applicable for iPods, laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, watches, PDAs and other various electronic devices.

ZAGG currently offers its ZAGGaudio and invisibleSHIELD products through, major retailers such as Best Buy and RadioShack, resellers, college bookstores, Mac stores, mall kiosks and other online retailers.

The company is working to launch its upcoming technologies, ZAGGbox and HzO, as it increases its product lines to further tap the electronics market.