ZAP, a leader in electric transportation delivering over 100,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries, recently unveiled an 8,000-watt wheel motor powering both rear wheels of a production ZAP electric truck. A result of more than five years of research, this latest wheel motor design is designed to improve the power and efficiency of the company’s electric vehicles (EVs).

The company’s 8,000-watt wheel motor is nearly three times more powerful than the Zapino scooter motor, with minimal increase in weight and size. Wheel motors are lighter and more compact, eliminating the need for a transmission and drive train. The company expects that this new design could go into production in various electric car and truck configurations by 2010 with necessary funding.

ZAP chief executive officer, Steve Schneider, commented, “Based on the core technology we use for the production of the Zapino model, we have been able to achieve a far higher horsepower output with just a slight increase in weight and size.” He added, “Given the growing necessity of reducing our carbon emissions and the rising demand for more environmentally sound vehicles, we are extremely excited about the potential applications of this motor for a range of EVs both here and abroad.”