Zara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest granddaughter, is currently undergoing an intense training schedule for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. But, in spite of her having a baby daughter and the struggle of returning to competitive sport, she is more determined than ever to gain a place in Rio.

Zara and her husband, former rugby world champion Mike Tindall, welcomed their baby girl Mia almost two years ago. Now the royal mom is done with her maternity leave. The 34-year-old is presently training for a place in Rio.

Though some are of the opinion that it is harder to return to competitive sport after giving birth, Zara thinks otherwise. The queen’s granddaughter has spoken about the joys of motherhood and explained how becoming a parent has enriched her sporting career. The Olympic equestrian said that her performance has improved because she is more relaxed.

“Everyone is so different in how they get through competition. But I think what everyone has in common is that you perform better if you can relax,” she told, speaking to Telegraph UK. Zara added that after the birth of Mia she has become more relaxed.

She spoke candidly about being a mother, adding that there were more highs in motherhood than in sport. Zara said the biggest advantage after having her baby was she has become a better decision maker. As an example she said that earlier she would even sit on an old horse, but now she is more selective.

Also, Zara added that when she comes across a steep slope, she goes round it. The Olympic silver medalist said that she was not sure whether it was due to her motherhood or just getting older.

The Olympic equestrian has been born and brought up in a horse-loving family. Her grandmother, Elizabeth, learned to ride when she was just three years and both her parents, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, were avid riders. So she never considered giving up the sport, even after her baby was born.

Speaking about her own daughter Mia, Zara, who was visiting a stable complex in Germany, said she and Mike would encourage their daughter to do whatever she wanted. She added that if Mia wanted to become a rider they would fully support her and it would be “amazing.”