Friday, communication semiconductor solutions provider Zarlink Semiconductor announced that it has appointed Gary Tanner as Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Stan Swirhun as Chief Technology and Marketing Officer.

In his new role, Mr. Tanner will assume management responsibilities for Zarlink’s Communication Products Group. Mr. Tanner will also retain his current role as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations. Mr. Tanner takes over current COO Hank Perret’s position, following Mr. Perret’s January 2010 retirement. Mr. Perret will remain with Zarlink until his retirement to ensure a smooth transition.

Dr. Swirhun will assume Zarlink’s newly created position, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer. The role was created to further strengthen the company’s marketing capabilities. Dr. Swirhum will continue as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Zarlink’s Optical Products Group.

Zarlink President and CEO Kirk Mandy commented, “Gary and Stan bring proven management expertise to these new positions, and are now focusing on finding new ways to maximize our research and development and marketing capabilities to help grow the company. Hank played a lead role in merging Zarlink and Legerity to create a stronger position for Zarlink in the communications market. We thank him for his many years of dedication to both organizations, and wish him the best in retirement.”