Zayn Malik has canceled his upcoming concert in Dubai.

The former One Direction member cited his struggle with anxiety as the reason for not pushing through with his slated performance in Dubai in October. In a statement, Malik said that while he felt like he has made progress in terms of dealing with his anxiety, he remains unconfident about doing solo performances. The singer also apologized to fans and said that he's hopeful that he will be able to sing for them live soon.

This is not the first time Malik canceled a show because of his anxiety. In June, the singer opted out of his scheduled performance at London's Capital Summertime Ball. Malik said it was the “worst anxiety” of his career.

Malik is not the only artist who has spoken out about the struggle of performing with anxiety. Here are some musicians who have been vocal about their experience.

1. Camila Cabello

A couple of days ago, the Fifth Harmony member left her band's show in Missouri while in the middle of their set. Cabello's band mates said she had to leave the stage due to a wardrobe malfunction but she no longer returned. Later that night, the singer took to Instagram to reveal the reason behind her departure.

2. Adele

The “When We Were Young” singer opened up about her struggle with anxiety in 2011, according to Vice, saying she once escaped through a fire exit because she was so scared to do a show. The singer also said that she projectile vomited on someone because of an anxiety attack.

3. Kate Bush

The “Babooshka” singer went away from the spotlight for 35 years before staging a comeback in 2014. Tickets to the show were sold out in 15 minutes. Her return was well-received, to say the least, and many fans were hoping that she will start putting out music regularly after that. The singer said her son was the reason why she agreed to get back on stage, but Bush has since returned to living a quiet life.