Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have pulled the plug on their two-year engagement. The two reportedly separated two weeks ago, and now a source revealed that their relationship has been rocky for a long time.

According to Us Weekly, a U.K. source revealed that Malik and Edwards' relationship has been “on the rocks for a long time,” adding that Edwards “put up with so much” and how her close friends are “totally relieved” that the relationship is now over. The insider shared that Edwards has not been seeing Malik for weeks and that the former “One Direction” band member was “lucky to hold on to Perrie for as long as he did.”

The source also mentioned that Edwards had to deal with rumors of cheating and infidelity, as well as Malik reportedly “flip-flopping from wanting one thing to the other." The insider cited several examples, including Malik’s decision to leave “One Direction” to be with the “Little Mix” singer but then starting a solo career and letting her go.

“He’s sure showing the real him now,” the insider said. “He can be such a great, caring guy; but right now, he’s losing all the good people around him who have been with him a long time and supported him from the beginning.”

Meanwhile, Edwards has been putting on a brave face despite being devastated over the breakup, People reported. A source told the magazine that Edwards’ bandmates are currently supporting the singer who is “really in pieces about this.”

Although Malik’s ex-fiancee is devastated, the singer’s friends are happy that it’s finally over. E!News sources shared that Edwards is doing fine and that her close friends have told her she's better off without him. The insider added, "He hasn't treated her right for a long time."

Malik and Edwards got engaged in August 2013 after dating for about a year.

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