Zentric Inc., offering an advanced battery technology that combines the high energy of lithium-ion and the low costs of traditional lower power batteries, is in a prime position to grow with an anticipated boom in the global rechargeable batteries market, now expected to top $16 billion by 2015 according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Factors behind the increase include the continued growth of the electronics market, the expanding use of rechargeable batteries in the automotive sector, and rising demand from China and the rest of Asia. The market, which had previously been dampened by the sluggish worldwide economy, can also be expected to get a boost from new technologies and applications. Mobile consumers requiring mobile power for increasingly advanced portable electronics will look to lithium-ion batteries, currently making up the biggest chunk of the rechargeable market. But new lithium-ion polymer options now represent the fastest growing segment. Coupled with this is the automotive market, which is seeing the strongest move toward electric power in modern history.

Zentric plans to take full advantage of this rising demand by offering a storage solution unique in the industry. The company’s goal is to provide a superior battery for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. In pursuit of this, they’ve acquired and are continuing to develop a revolutionary battery technology that has wide-ranging industrial and automotive applications. Through the proprietary combination of metal hydride and lead-acid materials, they’re developing a battery with much higher voltages and power than traditional lead-acid batteries, but costing much less than lithium-ion batteries.

The company is currently in the process of building a battery production facility in China, where the demand for batteries is growing faster than anywhere else.

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