Zevotek Inc., a worldwide direct marketer and distributor of personal and home care products, sells its compact fluorescent light bulb, the Ionic Bulb, through TV infomercials and the Internet.

Infomercial Marketing Service (IMS) recently named Zevotek’s Ionic Bulb TV ad as direct response advertising’s fourth most frequently seen household product TV ad for the week ended June 18, 2010. The Ionic Bulb was also the top ranked household product for the week ended June 11, 2010.

IMS monitors more than 30,000 hours of paid television programming each month to determine weekly rankings and authoritative data on direct response advertising. IMS then publishes the rankings for retailers and merchants.

Zevotek CEO Rob Babkie said the standings were positive, as the company expected them to be, driven by the company’s innovative product and marketing efforts.

“I am pleased to see our June ad blitz is delivering the results we anticipated when we announced our plans last month. Zevotek is working closely with Leisure Time to make sure major retailers take notice,” Babkie stated in the press release. “Our TV ads show Americans the Ionic Bulb’s powerful combination of improving a family’s home air quality while instantly saving money on lighting and helping our environment. We strongly believe Ionic Bulbs satisfy growing mainstream demand for green products, healthier living and money saving value that will translate into a successful retail product.”

Zevotek said it is in contact with several major U.S. retailers who take into consideration a Top 20 standing in the IMS rankings when deciding on whether or not to carry certain items in their stores. The company has retained retail sales agency Leisure Time Inc. to present the Ionic Bulb to various retailers, including Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

IMS standings for the week ended June 25, 2010 are expected to be available later this week. Zevotek posts IMS rankings on zevo-tek.com and newionicbulb.com.