Zevotek, Inc., emerging provider of cost effective and unique consumer products, is offering a truly innovative way to address a hidden problem, a problem that scientific studies are showing is very serious. It’s the problem of indoor air pollution, but Zevotek’s approach has nothing to do with air filters.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that toxic chemicals found in the air of almost every American home are three times more likely to cause some type of cancer than outdoor air pollutants. In addition, the EPA found that 20%-30% or more of U.S. buildings are considered “sick”. According to a study by Howard Brightman Environmental Health & Engineering, “indoor levels of pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outside, and occasionally 100 times or higher.”

Since Americans are estimated to spend fully 90% of their time indoors, it’s clear that more is needed than just indoor air filters. That’s where Zevotek comes in. The company is now offering what is called the Ionic Bulb, a product that could soon be in homes and office buildings all over America. That’s because the Ionic Bulb comes equipped with a patented microchip ion emitter, powered by the bulb’s own energy. The bulb silently emits negative ions that literally attach themselves to pollutants and quickly neutralize them. A single bulb works over a 100 square foot area to eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander, odors, and even smoke.

It’s an amazing approach to a growing and very serious problem, but there’s more. The three-way Ionic Bulb is roughly 4X more energy efficient than a typical light bulb, and lasts up to 10X longer. Home energy efficiency is becoming another major issue, because electric utilities are no longer able to absorb the costs of increased demand and fuel uncertainties. Many are now seeking significant rate hikes. With the average American already spending a significant amount on energy bills, and businesses spending much more, products with a strong energy efficiency component are in hot demand.

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