Zevotek is focused on independently marketing and selling a range of distinct and independent lines of home care and household products. The company has entered into a license agreement to sell an energy saving compact fluorescent light bulb named the Ionic Bulb. Zevotek plans to market the Ionic Bulb through TV infomercials, websites, major US retail and specialty stores, catalogs and magazines.

Zevotek recently announced the addition of Chang Hun Kim who will act as the company’s comptroller on a consultant basis. Mr. Kim has been an AICPA member since August of 2000. He is a graduate of Columbia University with a BS in 1988 and a MS completed in May 1989. Mr. Kim passed all four parts of the CPA exam in his first attempt.

Mr. Kim was brought to Zevotek’s attention by Jason Ryu, the inventor of the Ionic Bulb. Mr. Ryu has been working diligently on the sales aspect of the business. In anticipation of contracts being completed, Mr. Ryu felt that this addition was much needed to ensure proper oversight measures.

Due to his long-standing relationship with Mr. Kim, Mr. Ryu was able to obtain his services at no cost to Zevotek at this current time. However, as the contracts are completed it was agreed that Mr. Kim will be fairly compensated.

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