Is Zimbabwe's negative image of producing blood diamonds a result of falsified documents? It is now alleged that a person heading a non-governmental organisation had created false documents regarding human rights violations in Chiadzwa diamond fields and gave it to Kimbler Process. Zimbabwe's high court has refused bail to a man accused of jeopardizing the country's ability to trade diamonds on the international market, prosecutors say.

Farai Maguwu, who heads the non-governmental Centre for Research and Development Trust, is charged with creating false documents claiming police and the army engaged in human rights abuses at the Chiadzwa diamond fields, The Herald of Harare reported Tuesday.

Maguwu is accused of giving the documents to an official of the Kimberly Process during a second fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe.

Without Kimberly Process certification, Zimbabwe would not be able to trade with other KP members who make up the bulk of the international market for gems.

Maguwu's request for bail was denied by a local magistrate before he appealed to Zimbabwe's high court.

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu said his release at this time would interfere with an investigation still in progress. (iWireNews and OfficialWire)