The second part of “Rosemary’s Baby,” starring Zoe Saldana, aired on Thursday. The television mini-series is the second adaptation of Ira Levin's 1967 psychological horror novel; the first was the famous 1968 movie starring Mia Farrow.

Saldana sat down with Essence magazine to discuss her role in the latest "Rosemary's Baby," what Farrow thinks about the reboot and whether being an actress of color played a role in getting the part.

The “Avatar” actress told Essence that she saw the Roman Polanski–directed film for the first time as a little girl. The Puerto Rican-Dominican star said that she had watched the movie with her mother, but doesn’t remember if it was in Spanish. “I remember feeling so scared, because I didn’t understand,” Saldana said. “I remember watching going, “What’s in the crib?  Where’s the baby?”

When Essence asked Saldana if it was the network’s intention to pick a woman of color for the new adaptation, she said no. The actress joined the cast because she felt people wanted her to be in it based on her previous work.

Film actors don’t typically make the jump to television, but Saldana said “television is creating amazing material right now.” She continued: "If 'Rosemary’s Baby' would have been on the silver screen, I still would have jumped at the opportunity of working with director Agnieszka Holland because I’ve been a fan ever since I was very young.” The actress added that she and her sisters were also brought on as producers, which Saldana considered a “good opportunity.”

Saldana said Farrow hasn’t contacted her about the reboot, but added that if the '60s star sent her a tweet, she wouldn’t even know how to read it. Saldana does know, however, that Farrow is aware of the remake and she hopes the actress likes it when she sees it.

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