The 19-year-old man, accused of stabbing a Florida couple to death before trying to bite off their faces and mutilate a third person in a mid-August encounter, told authorities that he ate humans, court documents obtained by the media this week showed.

“Help me, I ate something bad,” Austin Harrouff said at St. Mary’s Medical Center, following his arrest. The details of the conversation between Harrouff and the Martin County Sheriff’s deputies were revealed in Martin County court documents, Palm Beach Post reported

“What did you eat?” a sergeant asked, to which Harrouff replied: “Humans.”

The Florida State University student has been accused of killing 59-year-old John Stevens and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon and charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Harrouff has also been charged with the attempted murder of a man who tried to help the couple during the Aug. 15 encounter.

According to the documents, deputies saw Harrouff on top of a male victim, “apparently attempting to bite the male victim around the chest,” when they arrived at the scene. One of the deputies present also “observed the suspect actually biting the deceased male victim on numerous occasions and spitting out the male victims’s flesh.”

“He exhibited every indication of a flakka overdose — abnormal strength, peeling off some of his clothes, making guttural sounds, fighting with law enforcement, not stopping when a tremendous amount of energy was expended by my deputies,” the Washington Post quoted Martin County Sheriff William Snyder as saying, raising the possibility that Harrouff was on the synthetic drug flakka at the time of the attacks.

A number of police officers as well as a police dog were required to subdue him. Harrouff spent days at a hospital after which he was formally charged on Oct. 19. He is being held at the Martin County jail.