The zombie virus infected Amesbury, Mass., this past weekend, when a 5K obstacle race called Run For Your Lives invaded.

On Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, Amesbury Sports Park and Reed Street Productions hosted the zombie race, drawing over 10,000 people on Saturday and over 3,000 on Sunday.

Run For Your Lives at Amesbury Park was an overwhelming success for everyone involved, said Ryan Hogan, co-creator of Run For Your Lives and managing member of Reed Street Productions. We know participants and volunteers alike walked away with an experience unlike any other. This was our first race to include the electric fence obstacle, which was a huge hit among racers and definitely something we'll be incorporating in future courses. Run For Your Lives appreciates the many thousands of New Englanders who came out this past weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2013.

The 5K obstacle race featured man-made and natural obstacles along with hoards of zombies. Runners participating in the event were chased by hundreds of zombies who were trying to kill them by stealing flags from their belts. In order to qualify for awards participants must have kept at least one health flag or found a health pack.

It was pretty out of control, Damian Santana of New Market, New Hampshire, told the Newbury Port News. I was getting a little scared at one point. There's very much a fight-or-flight response that kicks in people when they start going. Everyone is just out to survive, even if it means running you over. So I tried to bond with my fellow zombies and just get through that.

The zombie apocalypse may be coming to a state near you. Zombie infections will be hitting Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Toronto, California, Maryland, Florida and Texas.