The new CBS summer drama “Zoo” will be stampeding to a television set near you on Tuesday. And according to reports, the series premiere of the exotic thriller is going to be seriously wild! And not just because a majority of the show’s cast are four-legged creatures.

During the 2015 ATX Television Festival in Austin, Josh Appelbaum, an executive producer on “Zoo,” revealed that 80 percent of the time the show uses real animals on film. "It creates this energy on set,” Appelbaum said. “When James [Wolk] (who portrays Jackson Oz) seems scared of the lion, he's f---ing scared of the lion!"

The show’s co-executive producer, Scott Rosenberg, explained to Variety that in addition to the cast being fearful of the furry beasts, they also wanted to leave their audiences sleeping with the light on after watching “Zoo” -- a series that focuses on violent animal attacks that occur all over the world for unknown reasons.

“In July, when mom, dad, Buddy and sis are sitting on the couch and they just finished watching episode five of ‘Zoo’ and the dog is sitting over there, Skippy the Spaniel. … We want the whole world to fear their Schnauzer, then we’ve done our job right,” he said.

But before you spend your summer tiptoeing around your pets, here’s what audiences should anticipate from the series premiere of the “pre-apocalyptic” drama.

“Jackson Oz manages to find a link between his late father's theories about a threat to the human race and some mysterious animal attacks,” the synopsis for episode 1, “First Blood,” teases what’s in store for the freshman installment.

Appelbaum divulged during an interview with Examiner that he was shocked no one had created a show about animals turning on mankind before.

“We were like, 'Nobody’s thought of this before? Nobody has done this before as a movie or a TV show?' And we literally like sort of, it sounded like such a fantastic idea,” he said. “As much as I love stuff like ‘The Walking Dead’ and things like ‘World War Z,’ and these sort of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories, to do something also that’s sort of pre-apocalyptic. It’s sort of like the lead up to something very bad and very global happening.”

The EP went on to dish that not only will viewers see the crisis unravel in America, but they’ll also watch the drama unfold in other places, too. “That’s the other thing that’s been great about doing the show is it’s truly a global thriller. Our storylines have gone Africa, Los Angeles, in France, we are just going all around the world as the problem is growing all around the world, following our characters there,” he said.

“Zoo” will air its series premiere on Tuesday, June 30, at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.