Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark and head of marketing at Facebook, is leaving her position to head up her own social media company, called RtoZ Media.

The 29 year-old exec made the announcement on Thursday, ending a six-year relationship with the company her younger brother began as an underclassman at Harvard. The decision followed a three-month maternity leave.

“It is with mixed emotions that I announced my departure from Facebook today to launch my own initiative,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

"My goal is to launch my own innovative programming and work with media companies to develop their programming in new, and more social ways. In attacking this challenge, Facebook will clearly be a central element in all of my projects. I plan to demonstrate that ANYONE can do groundbreaking media work on the platform. And to the extent it makes sense for you, I'd be happy to advise Facebook on media projects, 'Facebook Live' or other initiatives if it is desired."

Before and during her time as head of marketing for the world’s best-known social network, Randi Zuckerberg kept herself visible, appearing on “Forbes on Fox” and most recently making headlines with a Marie Claire roundtable discussion in which she dismissed the long tradition of Internet privacy. “I think anonymity on the Internet has to go away,” said Zuckerberg. “I think people hide behind anonymity and they feel like they can say whatever they want behind closed doors.”

Zuckerberg is also known as the author of the “Advertising” installment of the “Spark Your Career” series.

This resignation does not mean that she and her brother will go separate ways. "I know I'll be able to do just as much or more for Facebook once I'm on the outside,” she said. “"As I end this chapter of my career, know that I leave with a deep love for Facebook and I value the experiences I have had here immensely. Be assured I will continue to be a strong, vocal evangelist for the most incredible social platform ever created," she said.

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