If you're a content creator, you know how essential music is. Adding music to your material boosts engagement and adds more value to your content. However, picking the wrong music can easily get you in trouble with copyright claims that can instantly put all your efforts to waste. To avoid this, creators use free stock music for their videos. They can do this by looking up the best royalty-free music to download. 

But what exactly is royalty-free music? As its name suggests, you don't have to pay royalties each time you use such music. However, it is still different from copyright-free music. To use royalty-free music, you either have to pay for it once or subscribe to a royalty-free music service to gain access to a music library.

What's great about using royalty-free music is you don't have to worry about getting your content blocked due to copyright issues. You may monetize your content when using this type of service. To get you started, here are some of  the best royalty-free music sites for 2021:

1. HookSounds

AppSumo HookSounds Photo: appsumo.com

HookSounds will give you access to some of the most exclusive tracks in the royalty-free music market. It collaborates with top artists in the industry, enabling them to deliver high-quality music that will satisfy your creative needs. All the music is created in-house, making it truly one-of-a-kind. If you prefer original music, HookSounds has a lot of options available.

2. Musicsesame - Stock Music Library

AppSumo Musicsesame - Stock Music Library Photo: appsumo.com

Musicsesame is a stock music library that houses more than 200 tracks. It is continuously growing its library to provide the most exclusive music for YouTube videos, ads, films and even podcasts! You're granted a worldwide commercial license for the company's music for a one-time cash-out of $59 that'll give you lifetime access to all their tracks. It also includes YouTube content ID clearance so you don't have to worry about monetization issues and having your content taken down. 

3. Tunepond: Royalty Free Stock Music

AppSumo Tunepond - Royalty Free Stock Music Photo: appsumo.com

Whether you need original music for commercial, personal or educational projects, Tunepond has what you're looking for. If budget is an important factor in choosing your royalty-free music platform, you should check out Tunepond. For only $39, you'll have lifetime access to its Royalty-Free Stock Music Plan including all its future updates. Don't worry as the low price does not mean a limited music collection. The reason they're able to provide quality service at a low cost is they work directly with producers and composers which drastically reduces middlemen costs. 

4. Music For Videos

AppSumo Music For Videos Photo: appsumo.com

If you work on multiple projects, it's best to consider a platform that gives you unlimited use of their music. Music for Videos offers a risk-free music license that you can use for your social media content on any website. All of the tracks in their catalog are solely owned and produced by Foximusic. This cuts the hassle from copyright claims, so you can focus on creating quality content. 


AppSumo SOUNDRAW Photo: appsumo.com

If you're tired of basic stock music that has been used thousands of times, you should switch to Soundraw. This site stands out as it lets you use its royalty-free music to create an original track that you can use for your projects. You don't even have to know much about creating music! You can compose AI-generated music tracks based on a theme or mood of your choice. Your imagination is the only limit. 

6. Audio Buzz AppSumo Audio Buzz Photo: appsumo.com

Audio Buzz is your one-stop platform for adding life to your videos. You can look for the perfect music that matches your content right on the app as it lets you see a Video Preview, cutting back on production time. You won't ever have to download multiple tracks just to see which one best fits your video. It also allows you to use multiple tracks for longer videos. Use the cross-fade feature to ensure a seamless transition between tracks in real-time. This allows maximum creative freedom even for busy creators. 

7. Advance Music Library 1 Year Subscription

AppSumo Advance Music Library 1 Year Subscription Photo: appsumo.com

To create unique content, you also need music that hasn't been overly used yet. For the most unique tracks, do check out Advance Music Library, which is home to the best soloists of rare instruments. They provide a full royalty-free commercial music license for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, advertisements, podcasts, presentations, crowdfunding campaigns and much more! A one-year subscription entitles you to unlimited use of their top-quality productions and an additional 50% discount if you wish to upgrade and be able to use their tracks in feature films and TV and radio ads. 

8. Royalty Free Music

AppSumo Royalty Free Music Photo: appsumo.com

For non-commercial projects, Royalty Free Music bundles 19 high-quality instrumentals in one collection. It contains music from different genres that are priced at $20 each elsewhere but are only $10 each on AppSumo. Use music that is yours forever, for only $190. 

9. Synchedin​ AppSumo Synchedin Photo: appsumo.com

Independent artists have infiltrated the market to deliver music that reflects their passion. Synchedin has collaborated with the top rising artists and labels to bring you affordable music licensing subscriptions. You get to download unlimited tracks, royalty-free, for a year, enabling you to add music from high-profile indie artists to your monetized videos and other projects while having full claims control.

10. StockUnlimited​

AppSumo StockUnlimited Photo: appsumo.com

StockUnlimited isn't only a library of stock photos and graphics, they also provide stock music that can improve your content. It is an all-in-one stock bank for creators who have a wide range of needs. Add editable graphics, sound effects and more to your projects to gain more social media engagement. This is the key to reaching your brand's full potential.