It is every business' goal to boost its ROI and sales. For online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores with an online presence, the initial goal is to increase conversions. Your marketing efforts mustn't be wasted on the wrong target market. Finding the right demographic for your business should be a priority as prospects will only become customers if they are interested in your product. It makes sense to find the right prospects or leads to target for your marketing efforts. Lead generation is when businesses target prospects to attract them to their goods and services. It includes marketing efforts to generate interest.

But if you’re to go through lead generation techniques manually and on your own, it'll take forever to find the right prospects for your business. To help you master lead generation strategies, you’ll need some help. Here are some of the best lead generation tools for 2022 from AppSumo.

1. SocialNowa

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Get your business its very own chatbot to answer questions and queries from your website visitors through SocialNowa. The use of this chatbot is not just limited to your website as it can also answer questions on private messages, comments and even in the reply section to make sure that your leads convert into sales. Best of all, it gathers phone numbers, email addresses and similar details for lead generation. 

2. Smart Lead App

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Smart Lead App offers leads irresistible gifts in exchange for information. Leads are given customized guides but in return for basic information like their preferences and needs. The app then offers solutions in the form of products and services for your business. Generate leads with a landing page that the app lets you build and customize, plus a CRM within the platform for organizing and managing your leads that’s all automated.

3. Biteplay

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Biteplay is more focused on lead generation for YouTube. The app lets you find your perfect audience --those who are truly interested in your type of content. Biteplay lets you grow your perfect audience by monitoring content and keyword trends so you can create content accordingly to keep their attention. Get access to content research, video advertising and YouTube influencer collaboration.

4. Linkjoy

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Linkjoy is a marketer’s assistant in generating leads and getting ROI from social bio links. Linkjoy provides a Link in Bio that is fully comprehensive and will increase your site’s conversion rate through mobile-ready and dynamic micro-landing pages that can be customized accordingly to display your products and services. Plus, in-depth analytics can help you measure and track content. 

5. GoBio.Link

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GoBio.Link lets you generate leads smarter and more efficiently through your bio links. Through GoBio.Link, you can engage with your visitors by sharing videos and music from platforms such as Spotify, Twitch, TikTok and other similar apps. This way, you can redirect visitors to your eCommerce site and affiliate links. MailChimp integration provides email opt-ins to increase your mailing list plus Facebook Pixel lets you deep dive into its analytics.

6. SendFox

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Get leads easily through your mailing list with SendFox. The platform lets you send unlimited customizable emails to your contact lists that can be scheduled and automated. Personalities like content creator Ryan Holiday and YouTuber muchelleb use this platform to send emails to prospects and subscribers plus check and measure monthly analytics.

7. ShortySMS

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It’s understandable why so many marketing and lead generation efforts are focused on social media and email campaigns because SMS open rates can get so expensive. With ShortySMS, you can generate leads through SMS marketing. The platform features built-in forms to help with your lead generation for automation and SMS campaigns. 

8. Leadbook Lead Generation Platform

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Get a plethora of leads with the Leadbook Lead Generation Platform that helps with lead generation and contact acquisition. Get over data scarcity and decay with this platform where you can gather, process and verify up to millions of contacts that are significant to your business. Access the latest live-verified database for Asia and the Pacific in up to 16 languages. 

9. Lead Scrape

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Lead Scrape is your all-around lead generation tool where you can grab information like business name, address, phone number, website, email addresses, contact persons, social media channels, SEO data, job title, department and more, in any industry. Find potential customers more efficiently and import it as a CSV file for your convenience.

10. Ohmylead

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Ohmylead is an umbrella lead generation platform that features an easy-to-use interface for your customers to follow up on their leads. Data on leads are automatically stored, verified and managed. Get email alerts for any sales while welcome emails are sent directly to leads. Finally, get vital insights and reports on campaign performance so you can fix any issues as soon as they arise. 

11. eMiner

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eMiner is a Google Chrome extension meant to mine qualified business leads using advanced search technology. With eMiner, you can search and scrape names, email addresses, social profiles that are accurate and wanted by up to 89%. Now you can target the proper audience for your campaign while eMiner does most of the lead generation work.