Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets of Caracas on Tuesday to protest the policies of President Nicolas Maduro on “Youth Day,” a celebration of students’ role in a 19th-century battle against colonialists. Protestors say they are unhappy with Maduro’s continuation of his predecessor and mentor Hugo Chavez’s policies and are calling for his removal. Some 20 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began.

Though the protests in Caracas have been largely peaceful, there have been some reports of protestors throwing rocks and other items, Reuters notes. Outside of Caracas, some of the protests have turned more explicitly violent. Men belonging to militant community groups called “colectivos” opened fire into a group of protesters on Tuesday night, leaving at least five wounded.

A Reuters report cited a Reuters cameraman and photographer as saying that they both heard shots and saw one protester fall to the ground, who was later carried away dead.